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Staying on top of different processes can be daunting in agriculture, but our technology is here to make farmers’ lives a whole lot easier. Discover the benefits of quickly and efficiently taking control of your production with Crown Agro.

Seed Treaters

On the Laptop

All Kinds of Links

Having trouble understanding exactly when to plant, harvest or irrigate your crops? With our technology, that won’t be an issue. Gain access to instant data and with it, feel confident that you’re making the best decisions for your production.

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Grain Bin monitoring

Checking the Crops

Regular Analysis

Our technology lets clients automatically collect data from their farms, even with limited internet or phone access. Gain better understanding of your growth and performance through monthly reports and more.

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Aeration Equipment

Cabbage Field

Helpful Data

Farmers can take their production yields to a whole new level with the reliable information our technology offers. Set up your measuring tools for all sorts of variables, like changes in weather, genetics and more.

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Precision Soil Sampling: Technology
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