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Graham Seed Treater Components


G40 Treater

The G40 will treat wheat at 40 bu/min and barley at 50 bu/min.  

The G40 applicator can also be rigid mounted to the bottom of a hopper bin.


G3 Treater

The G3 will treat wheat at 25 bu/minute.

m and t hc.png

Mix & Treat

Mix and Treat 30 and 60 gallon systems agitate product and send it to the treater.

Mix and Treat HC's have the ability to transfer from kegs, drums, or totes to the cone.


Seed Transfer Auger

All augers have a poly flighting option for pulse crops and soybean.

TX7 auger is 7" x 12' and works with G3 treater.

-1.5hp 110v motor

-reversing switch

TX8 auger is 8" x 16' and works with G40 treater.

-3 hp 220v motor 

-reversing switch

Graham Seed Treater: Partners
G3 DS double shoot insert.jpg

Double Shoot Insert

Attach this to a G40 or G3 treater, add a second tank and pump, and it will treat and inoculate the seed.

M2 mixer bottom.jpg


Attach this to the end of a take away conveyor to give extra mixing of pulse crops


G3 Saddle Tank Package

This system includes a G3 treater, TX7 auger and an 8 gallon tank with pump.

g3 m and t system.png

G3 and G40 Mix and Treat Package

These systems come with auger, treater, and the Mix and Treat.

Graham Seed Treater: Partners

Mix & Treat Double Treat System

2018-05-01 19.51.40.jpg

 Mix and Treat System with Hitch Hiker inoculant tank 


System has a control panel to operate both pumps.

2018-05-01 19.50.50.jpg

 A G40 double shoot system at work

Graham Seed Treater: Partners
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